Welcome to the Gateway Electric Vehicle Club's website. We are a registered chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA) made up of individuals living in the Saint Louis area that believe electric vehicles (EVs) are an important part of the solution to our global energy crisis. The main goal of our group is to raise awareness around the benefits of EVs. We do this by attending community events, converting and helping others convert their cars into EVs, conducting EV club meetings, and providing EV information to interested parties. If you think our dependence on polluting gasoline burning vehicles needs to come to and end then consider joining our club to help us get our message across. Click on the join us link for more information on how to help.

GEVA Minutes 3/9/14


Minutes of 2/9/14 were read and approved.

Dale reported that Jack Rickard had some new Leaf batteries from Better Place. Better Place tried to make a battery swap business but failed. Jack sold out of the ones he had at $3600. They are 24KWH.

Jeff reported that the Leaf plant in Tennessee makes batteries and could sell them to the public since they make more than what they sell in cars. The batteries are Lithium Manganese and are lighter and have more capacity than Lithium Phosphate.

There is a St. Louis Glass Factory event on Apr 18. Wayne is bringing his electric VW beetle.

Tyler reported that the Easter Show is at Forest Park Apr 20 from 10-5. The Horseless Carriage Club has allowed us 10 reserved spaces in the upper lot. They want a tie-in to history. We plan to bring the Citicar, 71 VW Beetle and possibly a Leaf, Tesla, and an early 1900’s EV . Our cars need to be there by 9 AM.  EVie from SLSC will be there with a video on the flat screens to show the history of EVs.

Josh from SLSC would like to have a sign in the lobby on our meeting day to direct people upstairs.

First Friday’s at SLSC are geared to adults and feature a theme. In the past, cars have been allowed to park in the front circle so we may also.  The gokart would be allowed inside the building but would need to be attended at all times. Josh will let us know when the theme would be suitable for us to bring our cars.

Earth Day is Apr 27 at Forest Park. Details will be coming. Josh would like to have EVie again at the event this year.

Josh is pushing for the SLSC to go out to schools this year. He said we could combine our EVs with EVie. Anyone in our club that wants to come along would need to fill out some paper work and be approved.

Dale and Wayne gave a talk on a “Simplified Demonstration of How an EV Works”. It was a great talk and there was much discussion on the components displayed. There was a question about how Emergency Responders should deal with EVs. What are the dangers?  Wayne said that emergency responders need to have some indication (sign etc) that it is an electric vehicle.

Jeff reported finding a wrecked Honda Hybrid in a junk yard. It had Ni Metal batteries. The price was $500 but he did not know about the capacity or battery condition.

Norman reported that Emerald Automotive is building a plant in St. Louis to make fleet delivery vehicles. They will have a 66mi range at a cost of 7 cents per mile. He passed out flyers with fuel savings over $45,000 in 5 years based on 50,000 annual miles. No mention of the price.

Two members of the Tesla Club in St. Louis attended the meeting. They invited our members to their meetings. They do not have a regular meeting place but upcoming meeting and information are at www.stltesla.org. They mentioned the “Cars and Coffee” car event on the first Saturday of the month. Cliff said it is near Manchester and Mcnight roads.

Minutes of 2/9/14


Minutes of 1/12/14 were read and approved.

Jeff reported that the Clean Cities Taskforce has been disbanded due to lack of interest in promoting electric vehicles with charging stations and infrastructure. There was some interest in tapping methane in coal mines for use in vehicles.

Jeff also reported that he had talked to some members of the Tesla owners club in St. Louis and learned than we are more than welcome to attend their meetings at the Schlafly Bottleworks.

Ron told the club of a new type of oscillating windmill that is cheap to build and is 80% efficient compared to the standard wind turbine of 60%.

Wayne gave a talk on the “Science and Economics of an Electric Vehicle”. There was a good discussion of the information presented and many members added information. Jim said that operating the heater in his Leaf seriously reduces his range. He also reported that Nissan said to not drive the Leaf at temperatures of -4F and below.

The club discussed the St. Louis Auto Show this year. We partnered with the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC) to bring their Smith electric truck (EVie) with exhibits. They also brought the club’s gokart that fit inside EVie.  The club did not bring any vehicles. Jeff said there was less interest in our display than in the past. There was some discussion about not attending the show next year.

Wayne mentioned that the Third Degree Glass Factory will host an auto theme event on April 18 from 6-10PM at their place on 5200 Delmar. Wayne will attend with his VW Beetle.

Tyler proposed to the Horseless Carriage Club that our club be able to attend the Easter Show at Forest Park. He asked tor 10-20 spaces on the Upper Muni Lot and he would also like to bring EVie. The date is April 20 and the time 10AM-5PM. The Hot Rod club has an event on the Lower Muni Lot and they said we could attend. Tyler would like us to use the Upper lot since it would be quieter.

Ron Erb said that Ron S. suggested our club make an informational video of some of our cars and that it could be shown in the SLSC for visitors. Many of our members liked the idea. George will talk to Josh at the SLSC about the idea.2/9


GEVA Minutes 1/12/14

Minutes of 12/15/13 were read and approved.

The “First Friday” meetings at the Saint Louis Science Center (SLSC) were discussed.  Mark said each month has a theme and he would help coordinate these meeting with our club. The club could possible bring some EVs and display them in the front circle as well as bring the gokart inside for a showing. Josh from SLSC said he will send out a schedule to the club. Events are typically scheduled 3 months in advance.

Ron passed around a design for a new business card for the club. It is a simpler design with the Electric Auto Association logo. George suggested having a contact on the card- either email or phone number.

Jeff reported on the St. Louis Clean Cities Taskforce. Because of many new charging stations in the area for Volts and Leaf EVs, they are now meeting only quarterly and focusing on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). There are only a few CNG filling stations in The St. Louis region. There was discussion of the need of more home stations but the problem is the high pressures needed -3500psi. Home compressors for this pressure are expensive, take time to maintain, and can be dangerous. Keith mentioned he knows of a home compressor but it is slow unit.   Keven Herdler is director of the taskforce.

Tyler talked about his poster for members to use on their EVs at events. They can be made to fit the windshield or side window with the cost around $20. Members who want a poster for their EV should send him a photo of themselves with the car and a description of the information for the poster. Ron suggested using bullets for the format. He went on to say that despite the commercial EVs, our club still has a role to educate the public of the advantages of EVs. Dale said he has been keeping a log of his EV usage and notes the summer electric rate are $.11/KWH and winter rates are $.07/KWH.

Wayne gave a talk on a conversion of his 71 Beetle from lead acid batteries to Lithium (LiFePO4) cells.  He also included an electric heater with temperature control for the new cells.

Ron reported that the SLSC Smith truck EV (EVIE) will be at the St. Louis Auto Show from Jan23-26. There is not enough room to bring our EVs but that may change as the show becomes closer. Any member willing to help out with EVIE at the show was asked to see Josh.




New Meeting Space @ St. Louis Science Center

December 15, 2013 saw our first meeting in the board room at St. Louis Science Center. We plan on having most meetings there now, at 2 pm on the second Sunday of each month. We are planning some join events with Josh Linn, EVie’s manager. EVie, a Smith Medium 24,000 lb electric truck, lives at the St. Louis Science Center. Gateway EV hopes EVie, her exhibits and our invisible go-cart will help teach younger children about energy use. Please contact me, Ron Erb, at ron.erb@gmail.com with questions. Thanks!

December Meeting Location Change

We will be having our December member meeting at a new location. Please join us at the Saint Louis Science Center’s board room located on the 3rd floor at 2pm on December 15th. We appreciate the Science Center for providing these accommodations.

November Monthly Meeting Venue Change

Due to remodeling, our November meeting location has changed to White Haven. The date and time remains the second Sunday (Nov 10th) at 2 p.m.

White Haven
Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site
7400 Grant Road
St Louis, Missouri 63123

Our member Dale Friedoff will talk about his Homemade J1772 Level 2 EVSE Charging Station.

We hope to see you there.

Join us at the 2013 Saint Louis Auto Show

Once again our club will be participating in the annual Saint Louis Auto Show starting today (Jan 24th) and running through the 27th. The show takes place at the America’s Center and Edward Jones Dome in downtown Saint Louis. We will be located at the EcoCity exhibit within the Dome. This exhibit is all about eco-friendly vehicles and includes a test drive track so you can check out the latest vehicles in this category. Several of our member’s vehicles will be on display as well. These will include custom conversions and manufactured vehicles. A Tesla Model S will also be on display at the event.

More information on the show can be found here http://www.saintlouisautoshow.com/

December Monthly Meeting Canceled

The December monthly meeting today is canceled. Schalfly’s is closed. Join us in the new year at our meetings and the STL auto show.

May meeting moved to the 20th

Our monthly meeting has moved to May 20th so it doesn’t conflict with Mother’s Day. Mom’s love EVs but they don’t like sitting in meetings on their special day. Have a Happy Mother’s Day and see you on the 20th.

April meeting date changes to the 15th

Our April club meeting will be pushed back a week. We will now have at it on the 15th of April. It will still be help at 2 pm at the Schlafly’s Tap Room. Hope to see you there.