Minutes of 2/9/14 were read and approved.

Dale reported that Jack Rickard had some new Leaf batteries from Better Place. Better Place tried to make a battery swap business but failed. Jack sold out of the ones he had at $3600. They are 24KWH.

Jeff reported that the Leaf plant in Tennessee makes batteries and could sell them to the public since they make more than what they sell in cars. The batteries are Lithium Manganese and are lighter and have more capacity than Lithium Phosphate.

There is a St. Louis Glass Factory event on Apr 18. Wayne is bringing his electric VW beetle.

Tyler reported that the Easter Show is at Forest Park Apr 20 from 10-5. The Horseless Carriage Club has allowed us 10 reserved spaces in the upper lot. They want a tie-in to history. We plan to bring the Citicar, 71 VW Beetle and possibly a Leaf, Tesla, and an early 1900’s EV . Our cars need to be there by 9 AM.  EVie from SLSC will be there with a video on the flat screens to show the history of EVs.

Josh from SLSC would like to have a sign in the lobby on our meeting day to direct people upstairs.

First Friday’s at SLSC are geared to adults and feature a theme. In the past, cars have been allowed to park in the front circle so we may also.  The gokart would be allowed inside the building but would need to be attended at all times. Josh will let us know when the theme would be suitable for us to bring our cars.

Earth Day is Apr 27 at Forest Park. Details will be coming. Josh would like to have EVie again at the event this year.

Josh is pushing for the SLSC to go out to schools this year. He said we could combine our EVs with EVie. Anyone in our club that wants to come along would need to fill out some paper work and be approved.

Dale and Wayne gave a talk on a “Simplified Demonstration of How an EV Works”. It was a great talk and there was much discussion on the components displayed. There was a question about how Emergency Responders should deal with EVs. What are the dangers?  Wayne said that emergency responders need to have some indication (sign etc) that it is an electric vehicle.

Jeff reported finding a wrecked Honda Hybrid in a junk yard. It had Ni Metal batteries. The price was $500 but he did not know about the capacity or battery condition.

Norman reported that Emerald Automotive is building a plant in St. Louis to make fleet delivery vehicles. They will have a 66mi range at a cost of 7 cents per mile. He passed out flyers with fuel savings over $45,000 in 5 years based on 50,000 annual miles. No mention of the price.

Two members of the Tesla Club in St. Louis attended the meeting. They invited our members to their meetings. They do not have a regular meeting place but upcoming meeting and information are at They mentioned the “Cars and Coffee” car event on the first Saturday of the month. Cliff said it is near Manchester and Mcnight roads.