Minutes of 3/9/14 were read and approved.

Josh asked to use our LOGO for his SLSC publicity.  We will check it out with the national office of Electric Vehicle Association but it should be ok.

Tyler reported on the Easter Car show at Forest Park.  He said that our display should be tied in with some history of vehicles. The turn of the century Baker electric car will not be there. Our presentation will cover conversions and historic cars- no new electric vehicles. We plan to bring Jeff’s BMW (Tyler will transport it from Alton), Wayne’s VW Beetle, Helmut’s Citicar, SLSC EVie. Tyler will contact Mary to see if she can bring her Karman Ghia.  The show starts at 11AM but we need to have our cars there by 9AM. The entrance is from Macklind Ave to the upper Muni parking lot.  Wayne will bring the EV display board and EVie will bring our electric gokart.  Tyler said that Norman would be willing to bring a camera and shoot some video.

Josh reported that we can bring our EV’s to any First Friday event at the SLSC.  We would be able to park out in the front circle. We can bring our EV demo board and can put the gokart inside the SLCS.

Wayne reported on Earth Day this year. It is Sunday April 27 at Forest Park. Dan has registered us for 5-6 cars at a cost of $150 from our club funds. There was discussion that we should not have to pay for this event since we bring our cars down at our expense and provide free information. There was a suggestion that since we are working with EVie , we may be able to add our EVs to the SLSC display in future years.

Dave reported that our Earth Day location is the same as last years- the transportation area. Our EVs will need to be there by 8:30AM.  Earth Day opens at 11AM and runs until 6PM.  We plan to bring a Leaf (Jim), Volt (Mike), BMW (Jeff), Citicar (Helmut), VW Beetle (Wayne), Ranger (Dale). Helmut will be in charge of saving our parking spots. Wayne reported that last year we had 8 EVs at the show.  Josh asked that we bring some big fans to run off the solar panels on top of EVie.

Josh informed the club that the SLSC gives a membership with 50 hrs of volunteer service. EVie is now getting requests from schools for demonstrations. Josh will email Wayne on the upcoming schools events. Volunteers need to fill out paperwork before they can help with EVie.

New Business:

Dale reported that George blew up his controller after putting in Lithium batteries and that Jack Rickard, at EVTV, suggested it was because of controller temperature of over 100F. Wayne said he talked to George and he plans to have the controller rebuilt.

Ron is working on adding power steering to his Range EV conversion. He showed us a picture of a cooling fan his son made on a 3D printer.

Dale and Wayne gave a talk on some common misunderstandings. Charging EVs with solar power or using a generator driven from the wheels or wind turbine. Both are not practical.