Minutes from April 13th Meeting Read and Approved

Josh had left:           (1.) Signage for Future Meeting
(2.) Schedule of 2014 First Fridays and Themes
(3.) Volunteer Packets (Jeff and Tyler – received, Wayne and Dale – Tyler has)
Derek met with us, serving as Josh’s Alternate, to verify we had everything for the meeting.
Electronics Maintenance Person provided us with a projector and computer for photo display

Tyler suggested we get permission to Display one of our EVs at the front entrance complete with signage on the day of our Meetings.

Jeff and Helmut gave information on the 3rd Degree Glass Factory Open House on April 18th, Neither were able to bring their vehicles but a couple of Tesla’s were present, There were demonstrations of glass blowing and refreshments available. This event is held every month on the 3rd Friday @ 5200 Delmar

Tyler informed the group that NO EVs would be attending the Green Homes Festival at Missouri Botanical Garden on June 7th. This message was relayed through Ron from the Festival Coordinator Brian DeSmet. This year it will be held in the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening and the Cohen Amphitheater and there will no space for our vehicles. However there may be a separate event later in the year that focuses on Alternate Energy Vehicles. If the event is on, the message will be communicated through Joyce.

New Business

Tyler presented the information from Liz Gattra of the St. Louis Tesla Enthusiasts Group about Missouri House Bill 1124 (HB1124) that would ban Sales and Service of Tesla’s in Missouri through the company owned stores such as the St. Louis Service Center. In her email she requested our help through letters to our Representatives to prevent this legislation. If passed some 15 employees would be out of a job and leave local customers without vehicle services and purchase opportunities. Jim added he contacted his representative to voice his disapproval of the HB1124.

Ron informed the group that Chevrolet had produced Factory Electric S10 around 1990 that was front wheel drive having the designation  S10-EV and about 850 units were built. Tyler added he saw one for sale on eBay built by Solectria with a bid of $5500.

Tyler presented a photo slide show from the Easter Show at the Muny Opera upper lot in Forest Park held on Easter Sunday for the past  37 years. GEVA had in attendance Wayne’s VW Beetle, Helmut’s CitiCar, Josh presented Evie, Jeff’s BMW, Brian’s Silver Tesla and Jon’s Black Tesla. It was noted that the Tesla’s had a lot of attention and show-goers asking lots of questions at their end of the display.

Tyler presented  a photo slide show of the Earth Day show on April 27th in the Transportation area of the show at the lower lot of the Muny Opera in Forest Park. GEVA Vehicles in attendance were Helmut’s CitiCar, GEVA Go-Kart, Jeff’s BMW, Mike’s Zeon Hustler Lawn Tractor  and Blue Chevrolet Volt, (Jon?) White Chevrolet Volt, Jim’s Nissan Leaf.

Ron commented on an EV video he and George hosted, Filmed at the New Life Evangelistic Center through Larry Rice’s Missouri Renewable Energy (M.O.R.E.). It  may be titled “Electric Cars – Making One Yourself”. If we can get a copy he would like to present it to the club in an upcoming meeting.