Minutes from 5/18/14 were read and approved.

Josh from the SLSC said that he is teaching an EV Summer Camp at St. Louis High School (next to the SLSC) for 5-6 graders from July 7-11. They are building small electric car kits and are racing them uphill. He is also teaching an EV Summer Camp for 3-4 graders from July 21-25. They will also be building EV kits. The students, about 20 for each class, are from the greater St. Louis area and pay a fee for the camp. Wayne volunteered to bring his VW Beetle to show the classes. They can identify the components found in all EVs.

Josh also reported that he is planning to take EVie , the Smith Electric Truck owned by SLSC, to a summer camp in Festus, MO on June 19. He asked for help with the exhibits in Evie. Wayne said he could help and may drive his VW there.

Josh said that EVie is going to be at Fair St. Louis this year. He has enough help, but if someone from the club would like to help they would need to fill out a new application form with a new background check.

Wayne suggested that our club have a St. Louis EV show this year possibly at Schlafley Bottleworks. He would like to have a Ride and Drive area to give the public some experience in an EV. Tyler said the Plug-in America event, held last year at Metro Lighting in Brentwood, is now a week- long event called National Drive Electric Week. It is from Sept 15-21. Mark suggested that our club be the St. Louis host for this event at the SLSC. The idea had widespread support from those at the meeting.

Josh said he would like to host the National show at the SLSC. It can be in the back parking lot. He emailed the National Drive Electric Week organization asking for more information and to request our EAA chapter (GEVA) and SLSC host the event for the St. Louis area.  Mark said that since the dealers are invited (Nissan is a sponsor), they could give rides and could take on any legal responsibility. He also said it would be a good idea to advertize in Hemmings Motor News. Tentatively, the show would be on Sept 21 and replace our normal Sept meeting. The members present agreed. Our club will contact the dealers to see if the date would work.

Wayne gave a talk on “Keeping EVs Cool”. He talked about the need to keep the motor, and (especially) the controller cool using air or water cooling. This is important when driving on highways at 50+mph speeds. He gave some temperature data taken on his VW.

Tyler showed the club the Horseless Carriage Club report from the April, 20 2014 Easter Show in Forest Park. Our club was given special thanks for attending this year.