Minutes from 7/13/14 were read and approved.

Tyler reported on our efforts to host a car show event on Sep 21 for the National Drive Electric Week. The Tesla club is onboard and the Leaf and Volt owners groups are also interested. The Nissan and other dealers are interested and can give rides. The show will be on the Planetarium parking lot in Forest Park from 11AM to 3PM.  Cars can be registered on the website. They need to be at the show by 10AM.

Josh reported that the SLSC is working on a promotion page for the car show. It can be distributed to the website of those clubs and organizations involved in the show.

Tyler told of his new Ebike he bought from Dan Chase and his ride at the Moonlight Ramble.

Dan Chase from Factory Direct Electric Bikes gave some information on the Ebikes he sells. The bikes are pedal assist with a speed of around 20mph and a range of up to 28miles. One bike he sells has a 36V  9AH battery and a 500 Watt motor. The price is about $1400. The batteries can be removed from the bike and then charged with a laptop- like charger.  The bikes are popular with people who are retired.

Wayne, Josh, Jeff and Tyler from our club attended a meeting July 14 with a Nissan Leaf representative who is promoting fast Chademo chargers around the country. He wants to find some local investors to put up several chargers at about $20,00 each. The idea would be to have fast charging in areas such as strip malls, food stores and quip stop stores to allow EVs (mainly LEAF owners) to add some charge. In other parts of the country where this has been tried the response has been good. The average charge time is 17min. Cost is variable but around $1.00 per 5min. Charging rate is about 44KW. He said only 20% of LEAF owners have a level 2 charger at home and some (including himself) have no charging because of living in an apartment. Nissan has already saturated 10 cities and is looking to add 15 more. St. Louis is at about 25th so may not be in the next group. There are currently about 5 fast chargers in the local area and they are at the Nissan dealers.

Dale suggested that few EV owners here would charge locally and that chargers between cities are what is needed.

Josh has approached the SLSC about putting a fast charger in Forest Park but no decision has been made.

Josh gave a talk on EVie- the Smith Electric truck. It travels around to schools and organizations in the area with energy and EV related exhibits.