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GEVA Minutes 9/14/14


Minutes from 8/10/14 were read and approved.

The National Drive Electric Week event will be on Sep 21 from 11AM to 3 PM on the Planetarium parking lot. There will be displays of commercial EV such as Volt, Leaf, Cadillac ELS, BMW i3, Tesla S, and custom conversions. There will also be rides/drives for some of the vehicles.

The Enterprise Eco fair will be in Clayton on Oct 7 and Welden Spring on Oct 22 from 10AM-1PM. Wayne and possibly Dale will bring their vehicles. Contact Wayne if you would like to bring a vehicle. If you would like to answer questions or help with the information table, you can just come to the event.

Dale and Wayne drove their vehicles to EVCCON 2014 in Cape Girardeau. Cape is 120 miles from St. Louis so they had to bring generators and charge along the way.  They reported on the convention and had pictures to show.

Josh proposed the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC), a nonprofit, be involved to collect funds by a group of all interested people to buy a Level 2 charger. This would be donated to a business if they pay for the installation. The program would be known as “St. Louis Get Charged”. People who use the charger could donate money into a special fund in the SLSC to buy more chargers and continue the process. The goal is to increase the number of charge locations in the St. Louis area. So far, the plan has not been approved by the SLSC.

Tyler said that Jim Currtan, a friend of Kevin Herdler of the Clean Cities group, is a member of the local electric union and could be contacted to help with charger installation for the St. Louis Get Charged program.

New Business:  Josh said the SLSC has a neighborhood car that is in need of repair. Dale suggested that our club take it on as a project. Any parts needed could be paid for by the SLSC and the car be used by security. There also is a possibly the SLSC still has a Nash Metropolitan car that the club could help restore.

Lydia reported on the new Lithiium battery factory in Nevada. It is a joint project of Tesla and Panasonic and has been approved by the state. The “Giga factory” would have enough capacity for Tesla vehicles and other battery uses like remote storage and power grid storage.

National Drive Electric Week September 21, 2014

The St. Louis Science Center and Gateway Electric Vehicle Association are hosting a car show for the National Drive Electric Week on Sunday September 21, 2014. The event will be on the Planetarium parking lot in Forest Park from 11AM to 3PM. We will have all types of electric vehicles and will have rides in some of them.  For more information go to and look for the St. Louis event. It should be a fun time!