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GEVA minutes 11/9/14


Minutes from 10/12/14 were read and approved.

There was discussion about the Nash metropolitan that the SLSC owns. Kyle said he has seen it and it is in pristine condition. He said it was donated by someone. Dale said the SLSC spent the money on EVie instead of converting the car. We need to talk to Josh about what to do with it. There are some Nash’s for sale in St. Louis for between $600 and $6000 depending on condition. Most parts can still be found. Ron suggested that, since it is in excellent condition, maybe the SLSC could sell it and use the money to buy another vehicle and parts for a conversion. That would be his first choice. Ron said he would work with Josh to see what to do with it. Dale suggested that if the club fixes up the GEM neighborhood car, it could be carried in EVie for showing.

Tyler gave an estimate that about 500 people came to the National Drive Electric Week event we had in the planetarium parking lot Sep 21. He also said the Tesla group gave rides to about 44 people (about 15 trips).

Tyler and Wayne gave a report on the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) event on Oct 4. Tyler said that the SLSC always attends this event in thanks for the support it receives from the IBEW.

Wayne mentioned that Josh was looking into a crowd funded project to install more charging stations around St. Louis (Level 2). Tyler said there is already a charger project to put charging stations in some national parks in California. It is in the August issue of Current Events. Tyler said maybe we could piggyback on this project.  Ed. The website is and is in memory of Craig Childers-a proponent of public charging.

Wayne brought up the topic of the legality of conversions. He said North Carolina has outlawed conversions because the original emission components in the vehicle were modified! Dale remarked that technically in Missouri the same is true but one can obtain a waiver from the MO department of natural resources.

Dale reported on Dale and Wayne driving their conversion vehicles to EVCCON 2014. They put two generators in Dale,s truck and stopped in a parking lot to charge a few hours. It added about 5 hours to the 2 hour driving time so it was not very practical- but it can be done.

Wayne told of a story (reported by Jack Rickard at EVTV) that someone bought a “salvage” Tesla with the intent to fix it up. He wanted to buy some parts from Tesla but they would not sell to him and furthermore they said they would remotely disable his car. Dale said this should not be so because the company who sells the vehicle should not interfere with the ability of someone to repair and modify it. Mark said that because the vehicles are controlled by software these days, the software IP is different. Helmut said that big trucks and cranes can be disabled remotely for liability reasons. He also said that in Europe, vehicles must be rust free to pass the vehicle inspection.

Ron said he did not have any information on the St. Louis Auto show coming up in Jan 2015. He is of the opinion that we should not attend this year since they did not seem to want our club at the show last year. We could not bring our vehicles. Wayne said if they do not let us bring our vehicles we should not attend this year. Others agreed.

GEVA minutes 10/12/2014


Minutes from 9/14/14 were read and approved.

Jeff gave a report on the National Drive Electric Week event in St. Louis on September 21 at the planetarium parking lot. It was well attended by the public. Several car dealers gave rides to the public. Lydia and John gave rides in their Tesla’s. Several members also brought their conversions.  Josh had EVie, the Smith electric truck, at the event.

Enterprise ECO fair in Weldon Springs location (620 Tech Dr. St. Charles MO 63304) will be on October 22 from 10AM to 1 PM. Volunteers are welcome to answer questions at the table inside. Wayne is planning to bring his Beetle but there should be room for a few more. Contact  Wayne if you want to bring a vehicle.

The event at IBEW was on Sat Oct 4. It was from 9AM to 1 PM. Josh brought the SLSC Smith electric truck. Tyler, Wayne , and Don (SLSC) were also there. Attendance was fair since many people stayed inside. Outside it was cold and windy!

There was some discussion of the SLSC neighborhood vehicle (GEM) and if the club should take on the project. The club thought that it is a good project. There was also interest  in doing a conversion of  the Nash vehicle that is owned by the St. Louis Science Center.

Jeff showed a presentation of Wayne’s 1971 VW Beetle install of lithium batteries.