Minutes from 11/9/14 were read and approved.

Josh said that the GEM neighborhood vehicle the Science Center (SLSC) owns cannot be moved from where it is in the warehouse. We need to work on it there. Security was enthusiastic about the club getting it working but there is no money (yet) allocated to repair it. Josh is willing to look for some money. Tyler said we should start a dialog with SLSC to work on it.  Dale suggested that some of our members take a look at it, determine what is wrong and estimate a repair cost. He thought the batteries were probably bad and we could use the gokart batteries to test the other components.

Ron E. said that Earthday, in Forest Park, is coming up and that we had paid to attend the past few years. Many of the club members thought we should attend again this year but that maybe we could go in with the SLSC for this event.

ChadeMO  fast charge stations were discussed. Wayne noted the specs are 350-500V and 125A max with the vehicle controlling the current. He said there is a connector that can be used for conversion vehicles. Dale remarked that stations need to be maintained as there are reports some are not in working order. This can be a real problem if the vehicle cannot make it to a nearby station. Also Dale noted, from a recent trip to California, that 80% of the EV parking spaces with cars did not have an EV in the space. He even saw some stations incomplete after 3 years of construction. John said the Tesla charge stations are usually better maintained. Josh said that there should be some stations along the freeways and John added that there needs to be some in cities for those who live in apartments.  John and Wayne, in separate interviews, talked to a representative from the state of Illinois about the governor’s intention to put fast charging stations along Route 66.

The club has an invitation for members to bring EVs for a themed Lenten Fish Fry March 6 from 4-7PM. The location is Magdalen church 4323 S. Kingshighway.

New Business.

Josh said that volunteers going to schools with him for the SLSC need to attend an orientation meeting.

Ron informed the club that Boston-Power has a modular lithium battery system and may be persuaded to donate batteries to the SLSC for a conversion. He may give a presentation to the club on this topic.

John said he would like to do a conversion on a classic Mustang convertible. Wayne and Dale said they would help with advice. Dale said the cost would be 20K-25K dollars not including the car. Range would be 60-80miles. A 100mi range is possible with enough batteries and less than 2000lb weight. Kyle and Ron said that some fiberglass body panels are available and would reduce the weight to make 100mi range possible.

Wayne wondered why we have fewer people at our meetings? Ron suggested that the club think of having some of our meetings at other locations. In the past, at Schlafely’s taproom, we were able to show our cars afterwards in the parking lot. It was also easier to attend because of parking.