Minutes from 1/11`/14 were read and approved.

Tyler said the 3rd Degree Glass Factory has Friday events. They are very interested in the environment and would probably headline our club for a Friday. Dale said he liked the idea.

The 2015 Drive Electric Week is coming up again in September. The St. Louis Science Center (SLSC) and our club (GEVA) have decided to host the St. Louis event again this year. The SLSC wants to fix the date as soon as possible so the date will be September 20 on the Planetarium parking lot. Time is the same as last year 11AM to 3PM. Last year we had Tyler’s Citicar in front of the Science center with a sign directing people to the Planetarium lot. John suggested that we may want to use a different car this year to show that EVs are not just glorified golf carts but “real” cars.  We could add a sign to indicate that the event will have Telsa’s and other cars there. Some cars will be ride and some drive. Tyler said if we start early enough we should be able to get the event in Hemmings motor magazine. Josh (SLSC) said we may be able to put some signs in Forest Part as well. We should also invite Mike to bring his electric riding mower again this year. We will contact some car dealers to come again-especially Nissan. Tyler said Bill Paster, from the Cadillac dealership, is interested in showing their electric vehicles.

Steve told of his factory built Ranger EV with lead acid batteries. He would be interested in installing lithium cells. Dale said EVTV ( has some new old stock 4 year old lithium cells at 100AH for $90 each while supply lasts. Steve has a 300 volt system so he would need about 90 cells. EVTV may not have that many on hand.

The Horseless Carriage Club is having their annual car show on Easter Sunday April 5. Tyler may contact them to see if we can bring some of our vehicles.

Bill Brynda from SLU business school would like to talk to us about setting up some more charging station in the St. Louis area. Josh and Wayne volunteered to meet with him to discuss their idea.

Norman passed around a flyer for the Magdalen Lenten Fish Fry with the theme “Electric Car Night”. Anyone can bring a vehicle. The address is 4323 S. Kingshighway and the time is 4 to 7 pm.

Ed. The meeting at Ranken Tech with ChargeUp on the 27th of this month has been postponed to another date.