Minutes from 3/8/15 were read and approved.

Kyle and Tyler reported on the Easter Show which we did not attend. Only one third of the normal number attended the show.

Josh informed the club on the Earth Day coming up on April 26. This year the roads to the event will be closed on the day of the event so groups will have to unload the night before. Josh will ask for an exception for our vehicles as we would not want to leave them overnight.  Jim, Cliff, Kyle and Wayne said they could bring vehicles. Ed. Earth Day will allow us to bring our vehicles in by 7:45AM the day of the event. Dale and Tyler said they will also bring vehicles so we are now full at 6 vehicles.

John from the Tesla group said they are planning to have a Model S and possibly a P85D at Earth Day.

Josh told of his efforts to organize the National Drive Electric Week event Sep 20 on the Planetarium parking lot in Forest Park. He is working on getting a website up through the Science Center. Tyler volunteered to put this event on some free publications of car shows such as Hemmings. He mentioned that flyers advertising future car shows are put in vehicles at shows, so we might think to have some flyers made to advertise the Drive Electric show. Wayne said the flyers could be paid for from the club funds. Tyler would also like to include a C-car show at the Drive Electric show.

Josh said the Science Center (SLSC) would like an exhibit or display to show an electric vehicle conversion in progress. The conversion would happen over one or two months. Members of the club are interested in working with this project and we could do the conversion so that it could be easily taken apart to show the different parts and stages in the conversion project.

Wayne asked about the SLSC GEM neighborhood vehicle and its progress to get it running. Wayne and Dale have already inspected it and volunteered to work on it. Kyle and Tyler said they would help as well.

New Business: Kyle suggested that our club have social meeting once a month at a local business. The club thought it was a good idea. He said Schlafly Bottleworks would be a good place to meet. This would not be a business meeting but a chance for all to come and talk and show their vehicles. The last Thursday of the month, in the evening, was considered. Cliff said that this event would bring a different crowd and might bring new members to the club. John said Schlafly might reserve some parking spaces with cones for us.

Tyler suggested that Dale might be interested in the VP position for the club. The members voted in favor. Dale was not at the meeting but, Wayne said he would talk to Dale and see if he would accept the position.

Wayne reported on a new “Right to Repair” law passed in Massachusetts.  It requires all auto dealers that sell vehicles in the state, make all the information provided to the dealers available to any resident of the state at reasonable cost. The law was put on the ballot by petition and passed by over 85% of the vote.  Ed. As far as known, no other state has such a law.

Josh showed an informative 3D movie in a SLSC room downstairs on “Electrifying the Grid”.