Minutes from 5/10/15 were read and approved.

Helmut said he would take over from Kyle the social meeting at the Schlafley bottleworks. It will be one likely the last week of the month on a Thursday.

Wayne brought up the requirement of insurance at the Green Homes Festival June 20. They required 1 million dollars of liability insurance for us to bring our cars.  After he told them that we are individual owners of EVs and do not have that amount of insurance, they contacted St. Louis County who allowed us to come without insurance. Tyler said that the insurance was because our cars were on a county parking lot and not on the street.  Josh offered that the Science Center may be able to represent us and avoid the insurance in the future.

Wayne told of his meeting with the SLU “Charge Starter” group last week. The group is starting a non-profit company for this project. The company would be non-profit but would not be able to accept tax deductible contributions. Wayne thought that would not be much of a problem if the donations were small. The SLU group is graduating and will not be able to continue the project. They have asked if the EV clubs in town (Volt, Tesla, and GEVA) if they would continue the project. SLU will provide the legal services to set up the company. Mike Murphy from the Volt group and John VonBokel from the Tesla group said they would like to help. Josh said he would like to see the project go forward -perhaps with help from the SLSC. There were no objections to GEVA assisting the project. The SLU group said they could give a presentation of the plan to GEVA and the club liked that idea.

The Drive Electric Week event is September 20 on the Planetarium parking lot. Tyler is working on advertizing in Hemmings motor magazine.  He is also working on Posters and stickers for the event. He is in charge of the C Car group at the event and is locating lodging and entertainment for out of town participants.

Dale gave some information on the depreciation of Nissan LEAF electric vehicles. He said that new EVs should not have a $40,000 price tag because the parts do not cost near that much. Recently many LEAF EVs are coming in after lease and, because the owners want a new vehicle, the used vehicles are not holding their value. There is not a market for these “used” vehicles because of concerns about buying a vehicle with a used battery.  There have been concerns about the vehicles because they cannot work on them. Tyler said that Nissan is now offering an 8 year warranty on the LEAF battery. Wayne said some used LEAF vehicles are selling for under $15,000.

Dale said that some ChadeMO charging stations do not meet the specification of 50-500V and that the companies making the stations are designing them for battery packs over 300 volts (as in the LEAF). This would mean that some conversion vehicles would not be able to charge at a ChadeMO station.

Norman gave a talk on the “History of Electric Vehicles”. It was a very interesting and informative presentation. It presented the real factors that lead to the adoption of gas vehicles over electric vehicle in the early days of the automobile. It also explained the advantages of electric vehicles over ICE vehicles.