Minutes from 6/14/15 were read and approved.

Tyler informed the club on the upcoming National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) event here at the Planetarium parking lot September 20, 2105.  He is hosting a C-Car show  event in the circle drive. The C cars are neighborhood vehicles like the Citi Car, and Commucar made in the ‘70s.  He expects to have about 20 cars from across the country with prizes awarded in several categories. There will be an EV vehicle parade before or after the show.

Tyler is working on getting some NDEW shirts and has about 100 handout tags. He said that NDEW has lots of tips and tricks to make the show VERY big if we want.

Tyler said that Nissan and ELCO Cadillac could be charged a fee for coming. Their sales have been up over 12% for people that ride and drive their cars. Maybe the dealers would provide water bottles for the event. Tyler suggested that the clubs that sponsor the event such as the Sierrra Club and EAA could help with any insurance issues pertaining to bringing our vehicles. Many dealers have canopy’s that they use for events and they may be able to loan them to us if we need them.

Tyler gave a letter to Josh that he had sent to Mayor Slay (St. Louis) inviting him to be a sponsor or promote the event. Josh will see if the Science Center (SLSC) can follow up on the letter with their connections to St. Louis City.

John said that he will organize the Tesla group to give rides in their cars. Tesla also has canopy’s that they can bring. Tyler suggested that maybe Tesla could handout shirts an or water bottles.

Josh said that the SLSC is working on graphics for the event and will let us know when they are done.

Tyler asked Bill Pastor of ELCO if he could put an EV car in front of the SLSC for advertizing a week before. Bill indicated that they could. The dealers will give rides and drives as they have insurance for the drives.

Wayne said he brought his VW Beetle conversion to the Green Homes Festival (June 20) held this year in Faust Park. There was no rain and there was quite a bit of interest in his vehicle. The Solar car from MS&T (Rolla) was there too. Their cars are required to have a “battery monitoring system (BMS)”. They top balance their cells for maximum range.

Dale and Wayne gave a presentation on “Finding a bad cell in a lithium battery pack”. Dale has been having some problems with cells in his pack and is trying to understand the cause.