Minutes from 7/12/15 were read and approved.

Tyler informed the club on the NDEW event Sep 20 at the planetarium. He said there should be 10 – 20  C-cars at the event. He said that he has 100 charge hangers to be given to people who bring their EVs for display. Charge hangers are placed on the J1772 charging plug when in public use. They give information as to the time the charge started and whether it is an “opportunity” or “necessary” charge. This will tell others if they can unplug the charging vehicle and use the charger for their own vehicle. Owner contact information can also be supplied.

Tyler also said there will be a Drive-in movie event on Sep 19 that is not part of the NDEW event. The show is “What is an Electric Vehicle”. It is at Clean Cut Creations Vintage Auto Works and is limited to 50 plug-in electric vehicles. Gates open at 5:00 with $20 for dinner and the show. At 6:45 it is $10 for snacks and the show.

Wayne said he was contacted by Erik at EnergyCurb. EnergyCurb is a company that sells a device to track home energy usage. It can be accessed through the internet. Erik said Evers were interested in the device to track their vehicle energy usage. You can contact him at

Wayne asked if anyone had ideas for upcoming presentations for the club. Any question they have or an article they have seen about EVs would be fair game.

Wayne said he saw a study asking whether charging stations (or lack of them) influence the buying of and electric vehicle. The study revealed that charging stations are not the main reasons for people buying EVs. Instead, the sales are more influenced by price and tax incentives.

Jim showed some videos he recorded about electric vehicles. The club members enjoyed them and they are shown below.

How it’s Made…Charging Station  (Previously Shown)

Formula E Report  (New? – about 4 minutes)

60 Minutes…Car Hack  (New – about 8 minutes)

We’ve Got the Power  (New – about 48 minutes)