Minutes from 5/15/16 were read and approved.

Kyle reminded the club of Drive Electric Week in September. The St. Louis NDEW event will be on September 18 on the Planetarium parking lot from 11AM to 3PM.

Dan  “the taxi man” told the club he may be able to get a BYD EV for the NDEW event. It is a car from a company called BYD and is made in China. It sells for $55,000 and has a 240 mile range. There are few of these cars in the USA but there are fleets of these in other countries. Three cities in China have 100% electric taxi vehicles. There are also BYD 2016E6 busses in Lancaster CA and in other countries. In Chicago there are federal and city tax breaks for electric vehicles.  Dan has been trying to interest other taxi drivers in EVs to save fuel costs. The 240 mile range is adequate for taxi use.

Norm said BYD started as a battery company and that the Tesla 60 is designed for taxi service. He said that Tesla and BYD are the biggest players in electric vehicles on the planet.

Helmut chimed in and said that VW is serious about catching up in the EV market and plans to have many models available soon.

There was discussion about battery back-up of the power grid. Kyle said that Tesla would never consider this option for their batteries.

Kyle informed the club that he has been working with Kevin Smith (Illuminati Motor Works) to reverse engineer the control system on a smart electric vehicle. They have been able to write software to control the Smart EV.

Kyle suggested a fundraiser for the club. Since there is a growing problem with internal combustion engine (ICE) cars taking parking spots designated for electric vehicles (EV), our club could make up tickets to fine the illegal vehicle. The owner would send the fine to our club. Of course, this would be voluntary on their part. If EV allowed spaces would be marked with cross hatched lines (green), there would be less chance an ICE vehicle would park in the space. Currently Purple Heart spaces are marked with purple cross lines.

Wayne mentioned an EVTV video from Jack Rickard that Tesla is putting in a Supercharger in Sikeston MO just 30 miles south of Cape Girardeau MO. Jack thinks they are not locating it in Cape to prevent local Tesla owners from charging for free. This has been a problem in other areas of the country.

Mark told of his ideas to convert a Manta kit car to a hybrid. He would like to run it on various fuels such as natural gas, propane or electric. He thinks that fuel cells will eventually be the way to power transportation because the infrastructure of gas stations is already in place.