Minutes from 10/9/16 were read and approved.

Wayne reported on the Missouri Renewable Energy Fair held in Overland October 20, 2016. He brought his VW Beetle conversion. There was a solar cooker, photovoltaic panel array, wind generators, and energy efficient wood stove and other energy related devices.

Wayne said that the new science building at UMSL has 9 parking spots for FEV/LEV vehicles but no standard 120V outlets. Maybe ChargeStarter would be interested in funding some outlets.

Jim told of his recent purchase of a new 2013 Nissan Leaf to replace his older 2011 Leaf that had gone down in battery capacity from 12 bars to 8 bars. He planned to replace his battery pack for $6,000 but sold his 2011 Leaf to Kyle for $5,000 and bought a 2013 Leaf with 12bars for $11,000.  He found it online through CarMax. It was turned in from a lease.

The 2011 Leaf had a poorly designed sun shade, only a 3.3 KW charger and inefficient resistive heat.

The 2013 Leaf has a better sunshade, heated steering wheel, a 6.6KW charger and an efficient heat pump. It has less than 20,000 miles.

Dan asked about the loss of bars and Jim said it was about 1 bar per year. Jim also said that he has always garaged his Leaf and never run the pack down too far. Dan said new Leafs have 8yr/ 100,000 mile pack warranty. Dan wanted to know if an older Leaf could be retrofitted with a new 30KWH pack as the new 2016 Leafs have. Jim said maybe but the dealer will not do it.

Norm reported that Tesla built the Gigifactory to make Li cells because they could not buy enough cells from existing manufactures.

Jeanne asked about a long lived Edison battery for electric vehicles. Cliff said he had checked into that cell and the problem is lack of high enough power density that is needed for electric vehicles. i.e. They do not put out the high currents needed to run vehicles.

Ilya works for a Raintree school and wants to convert a school bus to electric. I would need to take more than 20 students. Ken said  IVA Wright makes conversion kits for busses.

Dan (the taxi man) gave a talk on his efforts to buy some BYD electric vehicles from China. He spoke with Kevin Kerdler from Clean Cities about the effort. The BYD vehicle has a 60KWH battery and its range is from 125-185 miles.  He said taxis drive 50,000 -80,000 miles/year and the EVs would save a large amount of money for fuel cost. He is negotiating the number of vehicles he can buy but not the price. He can get as few as one on a lease with right to buy deal.  The BYD vehicles have a special charger but can work with a J1772 with a special adaptor.