Minutes from 4/9/17 were read and approved.

Dan reported on the BYD and 2018 Leaf. The only view of the 2018 Leaf is of one rear taillight. He also said that 3000 Bolts are being bought by the federal government. The Bolt is a Fiesta style EV with over a 200mi range. Preorders are being taken in Illinois. Ken said that the Bolt may have an option for ChadeMO which is the DC fast charging plug that the Leaf and others use.

Ken asked about the DC fast charging network and what to do if they are not working. There are reports of many not working. Dan told of his experience with some dealers and that they either bock them from use or simply turn them off. Ken said that SAECombo chargers are the most common type in Europe. Kyle added that in Europe one brings his own cord to charge. This would prevent theft of the cord.

Kyle mentioned that Alibaba has a ChadeMO charger from China for only $2500 and it is portable.

Dan said that people constantly ask him about where to find chargers. He checked out the St. Louis Auto Garage and they have some nice J1772 chargers on sliding rails. Parking is $10 for the day with free charging.

Ken said that Forest Park Community College has 120V plugs on light poles in there parking lot. Wayne noted that he has used some 240V outlets put in for EV use at the Community College at Wildwood located at Manchester and HW 109. Wayne also added to the Plugshare site some 120V outlets at UMSL in the parking garages. These would be great for students who would typically park for the day.

Kyle has been talking to the manager at Schlafly Bottleworks and he has agreed to block off some parking spaces for our EV Social the last Tuesday of the month at 6PM. Wayne mentioned that Schlaflys would be a good place for a ChargeStarter charging station.

Wayne received an email from Josh at the SLSC that gave the contact person for the NDEW event in September. The SLSC will provide flyers, food, and “love on social media”.

Dan informed the club that he is in line to buy 2 BYD vehicles from China.

Dan talked about his efforts to produce a TV show on EVs. He wants some input from the club as to the areas of interest to present. He would like to have interviews or a panel discussion on interesting topics.

Wayne showed a preview of the “Highlights of the St. Louis GEVA club“. It will be published in the May issue of EAA Current Events.