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GEVA minutes 7/9/17


Minutes from 6/11/17 were read and approved.

Kyle posted some pictures of charging stations on Facebook and will continue to do so.

The club talked about the NDEW event at the Science Center Planetarium parking lot on September 17. Dennis asked if a Bolt will be there?  Ralph said that he had ordered one and expects delivery in 6-8 weeks. He will bring it if he gets it in time. Kyle said he was in Nashville recently and saw a Bolt. Wayne said he would talk to Dandan the driving man about getting a 2018 Leaf for the event. He has contacts at Nissan.

Dave said that the Tesla Model 3 is coming off the production line this week but employees will be the first to get them. The Tesla EV comes either as rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. Tesla has a software update on the Model S to make it 1 second faster for 0-60mph. Kyle said that there is a change in some of its parts to give  the Tesla a lifetime of 1 million miles.

Dave said that Quik Trip plans to install charging stations in its stores. Kyle mentioned that Tesla also has a model for a charger/ store combination. Dave said Shell Oil Company in England is installing electric vehicle chargers in its gas stations.

Wayne asked about how to report a charging station that is not working. He recently had a problem with a faulty station. Kyle has had the problem with a Chargepoint station and said he called them. They told him they would fix it but so far he has not heard from them. Wayne asked if it is possible to set the charger power drawn by any commercial electric vehicle. Kyle knows that the Tesla EV can change the charge rate from the vehicle.

Gary told the club that Volvo is phasing out all gas vehicles buy 2025 and will only make hybrids or pure electric vehicles.

Wayne said that Jack at EVTV is planning to put a Tesla drive train in his Escalade conversion.

Dennis gave a short talk on safety regarding his DC motor in his Vega conversion. He said that the armature had shorted to the frame of the vehicle and it caused a spark when he accidently touched a battery terminal to the vehicle frame. He has since had the motor rebuilt to solve the problem but cautioned that builders should be aware of the problem.

Wayne showed the charger pictures that people have sent in.  He said that he will do it again next month- so send him more pictures.

GEVA minutes 6/11/17


Minutes from 5/21/17 were read and approved.

Kyle reported on the EV Social at Schlafly Bottleworks on 6/27/17. There were about 12 people in attendance.

The National Drive Electric Week event at the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC) was discussed. It will be September 17, 2017 from 11AM- 3PM in the planetarium lot. Wayne said he talked with Liz Murphy who is the SLSC contact now that Josh is in basic training. Wayne told Liz about the location, times and organization of the event. The SLSC provided some food service. He sent her a flyer from last year so she can use it for publicity.

Wayne reported that he gave a talk on “Why Electric Vehicles Now?” for the Webster University Sustainability Conference. It was on May 31 as one of their Wednesday noon talks.  There were about 25 in attendance and it was well received.

Wayne said he received an email from an EV owner in Nashville, TN who is selling a 2009 S-10 conversion truck. He does not know the details or price but can refer anyone interested to the seller.

Wayne suggested to the club that members send in photos of charging stations to show at the July meeting. He requested that the location of the station also be included. The club was in favor of the idea.

Wayne gave his “Why Electric Vehicles Now?” talk to the club.