Minutes from 2/8/15 were read and approved.

Tyler talked about the Easter Show with the Horseless Carriage Club. There is construction in the upper Muny parking lot so the only space for vehicles is on the side of the roads. The club decided not to attend this event.

Wayne reported on the Electric Car Night at the Magdalen Fish Fry on Mar 6. Electric cars included two Volts, Tesla, and VW Beetle conversion. Attendees were John, Mike, John, and Wayne and Norman. There were over a hundred at the event and several rides were given.

Josh reported on Earth Day at Forest Park this year. Our club is partnering with the Science Center this year. We have been given space for 2 vehicles so far but we hope to have a few more. The transportation area this year has been moved to the front of the Muny so there is limited space for vehicles.

Wayne reported on the Mindfest class scheduled for April 8 at 7PM at the Novel Neighbor bookstore at 7905 Big Bend Rd.  Wayne, Dale, and Ron E. will present the class  “Electric Vehicles Explained”. Cost is $20 with registration at

Wayne reported that another St. Louis University group headed by Bill Brynda is also planning to increase charging options for the St. Louis area. Their plan is to set up a non-profit company and use crowd funding to install Level 2 charging stations at locations determined by the crowd. The group would identify businesses that would be willing to have a station installed. The cost to install a station would be determined and when the crowd put in enough money, the station would be built. The business would only be required to pay the minimal cost of electricity but would benefit with increased sales.  Wayne said that Dr. Mike has installed a charging station at his business and it has already paid for itself in sales.

Austin and Sukant, from St. Louis University, told of their business plan increase the use of EV’s by reducing “range anxiously”. The plan would include a mobile DC fast charging vehicle that would come to a location to charge an EV when called. EV owners would pay a monthly fee for the service. Corporate partners would help with the capital costs. The hope is that people would feel better about buying and EV with this support.

Austin and Sukant provided this survey they took at the meeting.

Meeting Minutes from EV Club meeting 03/08/2015

Motivation for EV

Cost of ownership . Lot cheaper to run , 3 cent per mile compared to 20 Cent per mile on the lower side

( vary based on gas prices). Environmental impact .

Barrier for EV Adoption

Charging stations , Initial cost – Volt 38K / Sticker shock .

Its a perception problem . Good questions – how much would you pay for a car that run 150 mile per


EV Owner driving pattern

30 – 40 miles avg per day . Carry around a generator .

60 Miles per day – Drives a leaf . 40 Miles – Nissan leaf , No issues , had to charge 2 hr for a

detour/tour . Generally on a day to day not a problem.

c-max energy , 20 miles , 240 V charging set at home , 14 mile one way commute , No problem .

Switch over electric or gas.

Certainly to a degree , needs planning .

On demand service – Could use for convenience , there could be a problem for accessing the car for

getting the truck to the car

Paying service – Much more willing to pay for Quick charge than Level 2. Prefer to have Quick Charge –

Right off the highway.

Strategic Location is key.

Demographics – EV owner are generally rich clientele , Golf clubs , Hospitals.

Level 2 Charger would work for places – Ballpark, Football stadium , Convention center , Grant farm ,


People living in Apartments , compared to someone who have Garages – Willingness to pay is different.

People living in apartment are not a demographics who buy ev , true for stl not for california. Upscale

apartments could be a target.

People living in apartment have a greater need for Public charging in absence of in-home charging


Value added services along with On-demand charging /trucks – Check the air pressure , Towing service.

Partnership – MetroLink . Ameren , AAA

CarShare programs , ZipCar. Book it from your phone and pick it from Charging stations while charging

their car.

Existing charging options in St. Luis

  1. ChargePoint level II Charging station
  2. Dealership . Nissan Dealership – DC Fast charge. 20-30 minutes to top it off ( 80% charge)

Dealership charge money for charging if you haven’t bought the car from them. 5$ for 20 minutes .

  1. Corporate Campus

Bausch and Lomb – Both got level 2 chargers . Science center have 2 . Strictly for employee.

Management decision to put the chargers.