Minutes from 12/11/16 were read and approved.

Kyle recently installed a ChargePoint charger at home. He is impressed with its performance and price.  It has internet access, is a 6.6KW charger and cost about $500. He would like to make a bare bones charger very cheap without contactors. Kyle had a GE Durawatt charger and thinks they are junk.

Dale said he built a homemade charger some years ago at a cost of about $1200.

Ken said that Barnes Jewish Hospital has more than 6 chargers in its garage downtown. They are free for those parking in the garage.

Wayne said the Earth Day event at Forest Part will be two days this year April 22-23. They want to know how much space we need for each vehicle. Dale said to tell them we need 12ft x 20ft. We will have 4 vehicles and a motorcycle. Kyle wanted to know if we can take our vehicles home each day.

Tyler took the EV that Srdjan was giving away. It is a Ford Explorer with 120V and needs batteries.

Kyle said that the court ruled that Tesla can sell cars in Missouri. This may be a temporary ruling.

Kyle said that he plans to bring his Think EV to the Auto Show later this month.

Wayne asked about the performance of the Nissan Leaf in cold weather. Jim said that there is a winter package as an option to heat the batteries. On 2013 and newer it is standard. Dale said that Wayne and he have insulated and heated battery packs in their conversions that maintain the temperature in the winter. Typically it is 80F.  Ken said that the Zero motorcycles do not have heated batteries.

Ken also said that the Zero batteries get quite hot in the summer. Dale said he has had his batteries get over 110F when using a clear plastic cover in the sun. Normally they do not get over 108F. Kyle said he had a problem with Leaf batteries when on a long trip. They overheat when charging over 3 times in a row.

Wayne gave a talk on “Installing an AC motor in a VW Beetle”