Minutes from 9/13/15 were read and approved.

Kyle spoke about the unofficial EVCCON 2015 event the week of 9/20/15 in Cape Girardeau. It was held at the EVTV facility and hosted by Jack Rickard.   Kyle lead a lengthy discussion on a new motorcycle motor and Jack’s hacking of a Tesla drive train. Results of the EVs at the drag strip at Sikeston were reported. Smart Electronics (ed CAN bus) was also a topic at the event. Kyle said that Jack is working on hacking the Tesla supercharger as well as working on other interesting topics.

Tyler spoke about the numbers from the NDEW event and passed the NDEW City Captains final report around for the group to view.

An article on “The Five Most Ignorant Media Myths about Electric Cars”  from a recent issue  of Current Events (EAA publication) was passed around and discussed.

Kyle played the video on Leaf Battery Testing aired by EVTV and hosted by Jack Rickard.