Minutes from 9/10/17 were read and approved.

Gary reported on the Drive Electric Event at the planetarium on Sep 17, 2017. He said a BMW i3 was there and the ride was very good. A plug-in Cooper was also at the event. He saw the Model X vehicles and they demonstrated that they could flap their wings in unison!

Tyler said the total number of vehicles at the event was 39 with Tesla having the most of any kind.  The event totals are 8 TeslaS , 5 TeslaX, 6 Leaf, 4 Volt, 4 Bolt, 4 BMWi3, 3 CMax,  1 Think City, 1 Zenn, 1 Datsun  truck conversion, 1 Ranger conversion, 1 VW Beetle conversion. He estimated the attendance of between 350 and 400 people.

Dan reported that he had a sign and wall divider that were stolen after the event. He is working with the security guards and police to see if the theft was caught on the security cameras.

Wayne said that he received an email from Joel Levin about Ameren MO renewed interest in renewable energy. Coal power plants are being taken off line. Tyler said the nuclear waste it has is still stored in pools and is still hot.

Tyler informed the club about the VW emissions scandal and the settlement to Missouri. A letter from the Sierra Club asks citizens to send letters to the Governor demanding that the funds be used to invest in electric vehicle infrastructure. The letter is on their website. Three million letters have already been sent.

Because of Halloween, the club decided  the EV social for this month only will be on  Tuesday (10/24). Place is Schlafly Bottleworks and time is 6PM.

Gary said he saw a new 2018 Leaf on the road. Dan said that salesmen are waiting until 2019 to start selling the 2018 model.

Greg told the club that he learned of a new system for hauling rock and ore down a mountain. The plan is to use an electric dump truck with a 640kWh battery. The truck would load up at the top of the mountain and charge the onboard battery going down. Then the truck would dump the load (making it much lighter) and use the charged battery to get back to the top. No additional energy would be needed.

Wayne gave a talk on “Electrons are like water”. It was well received.

Mike asked if someone could give a talk about how regenerative braking works.