Minutes from 12/13/15 were read and approved.

Josh talked about the non-profit ChargeStarter company. He explained how it seeks to crowd fund public charging stations in the St. Louis area. He said the company is in need of someone to build a web site and app. Any one that can help with these would be welcome. Any suggestions as to how the app would work would also be appreciated.

Tyler suggested that maybe Kyle could bring his Segway to the St. Louis Auto Show Jan 29-31, 2016. Kyle replied that his batteries are bad and that the Segway is very sensitive to the voltage of the batteries.

Wayne asked for a list of anyone willing to work at the Auto Show this year. Mark, Kyle, Helmut, Norm, Ken, Josh, Tyler and Wayne all said they could work. He will send these names to Keven Herdler so that they can get in at no charge.  Josh will bring EVie but will not be there very much. Our club will be there to watch it. Kyle agreed to bring his newly acquired Think EV.

Earth Day is Sunday April 24, 2016 in Forest Park. We should be in the same area as last year (lower Muny lot) and should be able to bring about 6 vehicles. Wayne said that surveys of the event had an excellent response to our Transportation Area last year.

Ken mentioned that the federal tax credit is $2500 max for 2 wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles. They are also road tax exempt for Missouri.

Wayne gave a talk on “Why Electric Vehicles with gas under $2.00/gal?”  In addition to his reasons, Norm said the EV driving experience is simply much better. Instead of the car driving you, you drive the car. There was talk of the cost of refining oil to gasoline. Dennis said that the largest single users of electricity in the country are the refineries. Kyle said 6-8 KWH is needed to refine one gallon of gas. An EV can go about 25miles on this amount of energy. Kyle said the price of used EVs is coming down. Some used Teslas can be had for around $50,000.

Wayne passed around a brochure from WattZilla ( on their high power J1772 charging station. They have a single 80Amp WattZilla Uno from $2395 and a dual 80Amp WattZilla Duo from $3395.