Minutes from 10/11/15 were read and approved.

The unofficial EVCCON 2015 event was discussed. Dale said that Jack and EVTV would probably have a similar event for next year- smaller and at the EVTV shop.

Wayne asked about the numbers for the National Drive Electric Event (NDEW) event in St. Louis this year. He thought it was about half as big as last year. Dale said that it is probably because EVs are old news now that dealers are selling them. Helmut said another reason is that gas is cheap now.

Dale informed the club that he had a problem with his small 12V (30AH) aux battery in his Ranger conversion discharging when the truck was not used for several months.  Wayne said the drain when off was about 200mA and this could cause the problem over time. Dale bought a $5 disconnect switch on Ebay to solve the problem.

Jason asked what makes EVs so expensive and Dale said that they should not be. He said that there is much expense of pollution and other regulation equipment on gas cars and that the makers of EVs are simply greedy.

Wayne told of an email he received on a Renewable Energy Project hosted by the Rockwood Summit High School. They are having a benefit car show on April 2, 2016. They are looking to have more than 200 EVs in the show. The registration fee is $15. The website is or contact Darin Peters  for more info.

Wayne said there is a Webinar on 11/19/15 at 2PM ET talking about EVs and charging stations. It is sponsored by plug- in- America. Contact

Keven Herdler of the Clean Cities group informed Wayne of an Electric Transportation Summit 2015 to be held on 12/1/15 in St. Louis. Ameren and others are hosting it. gives more information. The deadline to sign up is 11/13/15.

Mark Luedde asked Wayne to see if anyone in the club would like to be the administrator for the Facebook page he started for GEVA some time ago.

Wayne informed the club that Josh told him the broken GEM (from the Science Center) has been trashed.

Wayne said that next month the president of Charge Starter (Mike Murphy) will discuss how the non-profit company plans to crowd fund charging stations in the St. Louis area.

Wayne showed the Tesla model X rollout video from EVTV’s website. It is titled “The Safest SUV Ever”.