Minutes from 2/13/17 were read and approved.

Todd (the top salesman from Bommarito Nissan) attended the meeting and said that Bommarito ordered 40 Leafs to sell during the Ameren $10,000 discount promotion this March. They were happy to sell all but 6 vehicles.

Wayne sent out an email saying that EarthDay needed a certificate of insurance from our insurance company in order to bring our vehicles to the event. Wayne contacted his insurance company and was told that since EarthDay has no interest in the vehicle, they could not do it. A few days later Wayne received an email from Earthday stating that only a copy of the insurance card is needed. Wayne asked Todd how they would respond if asked for a certificate of insurance. He said they would say “no” to the event.

Todd told of efforts to get more charging stations for vehicles and that it would be a selling point for the Leafs. He wanted to know if there is a way to convert any 240 outlet from a welder or dryer to a J1772 plug. Tyler said there are adaptors for this use. Indeed, many campgrounds have NEMA 14-50 outlets that provide up to 50A  at 240V. These can also be adopted for use with the J1772 plug.

Wayne informed Todd about ChargeStarter and how the business model works. Todd would like to be involved with our club and said Bommarito may be able to help with funding for charging stations.

Todd said that the NV200 Taxis from Nissan should be here in 2-3 years. In addition, the 2018 Leaf with extended range will be coming soon.  It will be available in several ranges from a 30KWH (100+mile) battery for $30,895 to a 60KWH (200+mile SV version) battery for $38,000.

Wayne talked to Ron Freund who is president of our parent organization Electric Auto Association. He has driven the all electric Bolt there in California and discovered that the seats are only 17 inches wide and it made for an uncomfortable ride. In comparison, the Leaf seats are 22 inches wide. Also coming in 2021 is a fully electric version of the Maxima.

Jim showed an interesting video on “Searching for a better battery”. The video had a good explanation of the how lithium cells work and their limitations including capacity and safety. New technology was presented including a demonstration of a cell, while connected to a light bulb, was cut with scissors multiple times with no effect!