Minutes from 4/12/15 were read and approved.

Wayne said that Josh (SLSC) has a Honda Civic conversion for sale by his father. It has lead acid batteries that need replacing. It should be a good candidate for using lithium batteries.  Terry Ferguson is also selling  a 1980 Electric Comuta car at auction. Date and time is May 20 at 10:30AM. Location is 16 Provence, Lake St. Louis, MO 63367.

Kyle said that he talked to Schlafleys Bottleworks and they are happy to have our club meet there during the week for social meetings to show and talk about our electric vehicles. They may also provide a meeting room.

Wayne reported on Earth Day this year Apr 26 at Forest Park. There were 7 EVs there. 2 Teslas, a Leaf, a Zenn  and  3 conversions, VW Beetle, Ranger, and Vanagen with solar panels.  The cars were in front of the Muny box office next to the Science Center EVie truck. There was quite a bit of interest in the cars.

Wayne told of the Green Homes Festival held this year in Faust Park instead of at the Missouri Botanical Garden. The date is June 20 and time from 9-4. They requested an EV and Wayne said he could bring his Beetle conversion. They also wanted to know if they could have a Tesla as well.

Rick said that he recently bought a replacement lead acid battery from Staab Battery. They are in town. He said the battery was quite a bit cheaper than from Batteries Plus.

Josh took the Smith Electric Truck (EVie) from the SLSC to the Laumeier Art Fair on May 9. Wayne helped him unload the exhibits and set up the displays. It was a rainy day so the crowds were small.

Wayne gave the club some information from Jack Rickard at EVTV about the Digital Millennia Copyright Act (DMCA) that congress passed in 1998. It was originally passed for protection of CDs and DVDs but is now being threatened by the automakers to make it illegal to attempt to defeat protection means of copyrighted material. In effect, it would bar individuals from attempting to decode or reverse engineer software contained on vehicles made by the automakers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed an exemption to prevent automakers from filing lawsuits against people repairing or modifying their vehicles.

Alessandro informed the club of the company Biotrode that makes lead acid battery packs and is looking to develop lithium packs. He has a connection with the company and suggested that our club may be able to collaborate with them in this endeavor. Biotrode currently works with the university RIT in New York. Alessandro also said that Indy Power is working on a system to combine different types of batteries in a pack. Kyle said that Boston Power is working on new modular lithium packs with a high power to weight ratio.

Kathy gave a very informative talk on Solar Power. It highlighted the design considerations as well as the cost.