Minutes from 7/9/17 were read and approved.

Wayne said Friends of Earthday have a Happy Hour the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Schlafly Bottleworks in Maplewood. The time is 5:30-7:30 PM with a $10 donation at the door. All are invited.

Wayne also received information on a movie called Evolve: Driving a clean future in coal country. They are raising funds to complete and distribute it free to NDEW events. More information is at

Wayne said that the St. Louis National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) will be Sunday Sept 17, 2017 at the St. Louis Science Center planetarium parking lot. Time is 11AM-3PM. All vehicles to be shown need to be there by 10AM.

Wayne told the club about a webinar he saw for the national 2017 NDEW. The goals for this year are 250 events in 230 cities with 550 media hits and over 10,000 rides and drives. Most events will have ride/drives, conversion cars, exhibit booths, and entertainment. Shared electric vehicles are becoming a reality in the state of Washington. Uber and Nissan are planning to use Nissan Leaf vehicles for this service.

Dan reported that the Fast Charging stations at Commerce Banks were installed by a joint effort between the bank and Nissan. They were paid for by Nissan. He said that BP gas stations are also planning to install charging stations.

Wayne noted that there is a Level 2 charger at Straight Up Solar but the plug was damaged and could not be used. Greg said that Plugshare has a place to add a comment for charging station problems.

Greg said that France is planning to ban gas only vehicles by 2020. Hybrids would still be allowed as long as it has an electric motor.

Dennis talked about his Vega conversion. It is a DC motor with direct drive. He is still braking in the brushes and plans to drag race it at Gateway raceway in the future.

Dan told of his experience with his Leaf and driving it into “yellow turtle mode” which is very close to zero battery charge. Mike said that the turtle modes limit the speed to 25mph to optimize the battery range.

Wayne showed some charging station pictures that were sent in by the club members.  One was a standard 120V outlet (with EV sign) at a Post Office.