Minutes from 8/13/17 were read and approved.

The club talked about the National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) event next week at the Science Center planetarium. Tyler said he put his Zen EV by the front entrance of the Science Center Monday with a banner advertizing the event. Wayne said that he received the NDEW event materials from Nissan who is the primary sponsor. The materials included five 2×3 ft plastic signs, a banner, Nissan caps, water bottles, cell phone fans, bumper stickers, tote bags, 2018 Nissan Leaf brochures, and T shirts for the city captains. Wayne said he was disappointed that the only items with NDEW on them were the signs and banner. Wayne said that in past years NDEW and Nissan were on the T shirts and most all of the other event materials.

Tyler said that Flying Tiger was planning to be at NDEW with their electric motorcycles. Ralph is bringing his new Bolt EV and Dan may bring a BYD EV down from Chicago. Greg asked if MO Science and Technology could bring a solar vehicle but no one had a contact for them. Kyle said they have a rare EV1 that he would like to see at the event.  Mike wanted to know if there would be any dealers at the event and Tyler said that BMW may come. Mike also wanted to know if there are any Ford Focus EVs in the area to bring. Wayne said he talked to Ron Erb who has a son that works for Ford and is working to fix problems with the Focus. They are having problems with the vehicle not turning on.

Wayne said that he contacted John VonBokel in the Tesla group about bringing some vehicles.

Wayne talked to long time club members Ron Erb and Jeff Dale about coming to NDEW this year.

Lyn said that the EV social for August had a good turnout of 14 people. EV social meets the last Tuesday of the month at Schlafly Bottleworks at 6pm. It is open to all to show their electric vehicles or talk to owners.

Wayne asked if anyone in the club knew how many electric vehicles are stolen. Kyle said that the rates are quite low and that he has only heard of a few thefts. In one case the thief did not know how to turn it on!

Dan told of the electric vehicle show he is working on with Larry Rice. He already has some interviews and plans to interview some EV owners at the NDEW event.

Wayne said that he saw Dennis with his 1965 Datsun truck conversion at the Westport Plaza car show this Sunday. Wayne talked with an attendee at the show and asked if he had ever driven an electric vehicle. The response was that he had driven an electric golf cart!

Wayne said that he is working on some talks about basic electricity in connection with electric vehicles. He will present them to the club at future meetings.

Jim showed a video of the Tesla factory from the TV show “Impossible Engineering”.