Ron lives in a Geodesic Dome that he and his wife built with lots of help from family, friends and a few contractors in the early 1980’s. When his son suggested they build an electric car and his wife said, “My next car is going to be electric,” what choice was there? They converted a ’96 Ford Ranger to run on battery power. Their O’Fallon, Illinois home is almost in the country, although the subdivisions have certainly gotten close to the back door!

Videography keeps Ron busy when he isn’t writing or tinkering around the house being jack of all trades, master of none. Twenty years in the television broadcasting industry ended at the turn of the century. (He got out before the Internet really put the fear in those folks)

Three years as a medical photographer helped put Ron on track to a healthier lifestyle in the 70’s. Watching patients in surgery can really strike fear in the heart!

Computers and the Internet have become Ron’s hobby.