I was an auto mechanic and hot rodder for more than 20 years. Cramming big engines in smaller cars was part of the fun. Since then I have worked on custom racing boat interiors and now small business jet interiors and cabinets. I have experience in fabrication and making things fit and function. So converting my internal combustion engine truck to an EV was not a monumental task for me. There were challenges for sure but nothing a little thought or trial and error couldn’t overcome. I would encourage anyone wanting to do a conversion to do it. A lot of help, information and advice is available.

I have been interested in hybrids and EVs for a long time. I still have Mother Earth News hybrid car plans from about 1980. That project was never completed but I am happy to now have a functioning EV. Environmental concerns are important but my main motivation for doing the conversion is economical. Future high fuel prices, shortages, rationing and being held hostage by “BIG OIL” are my motivations. I think most people are concerned about the high fuel prices but also feel good about the positive effects an EV will have on the environment.

Don’t wait! Do it!