Minutes from 6/8/14 were read and approved.

Mark reported on a Power Wheel Makers Fair in Kansas City last week. The competition is with modified Power Wheels (kids cars). Maximum cost is $500. A 40 Amp fuse is provided before the race. Races are around a track and there is an endurance race at the end. Ron E. suggested that we might have a similar event to bring more attention to our club.

The ECO fair by Enterprise is in Clayton (600 Corporate Park Dr. Clayton, MO 63303) on Oct 7 from 10 to 1pm. It is also at their Welden Spring location (620 Tech Dr. St. Charles, MO 63304) on Oct 22 fro 10 to 1 pm. Tyler was at the event last year and said there were few people. Wayne said he may attend with his VW this year.

National Drive Electric Week this year is the week of Sept 21.  Mark suggested that we could hold the event at the Big Foot location. Josh from SLSC has contacted the main group and asked if our club and SLSC can host the event for the St. Louis area. They are happy to have us. Josh is waiting for the ok from the SLSC. He would like to have some members of the club help him organize the event with a couple of meetings. Wayne, Dale and Ron E. said they would help. Josh also asked our club to provide him contact info for the Tesla, Leaf, and Volt clubs as well as contacts in auto magazines.  Mark said to contact the southern Illinois chapter of “Hemmings Motor Magazine”. Wayne will give Josh the contact information.

Ron E. suggested that our club have a car show with the idea of having one of any kind of car and making a display showing the carbon footprint for it. This would give the consumer an idea of how “clean” is the car.  This could lead to buying a “cleaner “car. The representation of the carbon footprint might be the size of a trash can, or outline of a foot, a bar graph on a poster or something else. As a fundraiser, we could charge a fee to bring a car.  The event may draw in some of the public that has not attended our other events.

Ron E. asked if there are any stores in the St. Louis area that sell electric bikes. Tyler mentioned that we received a flyer at Earth Day from an on-line store in the area.

Wayne reported on his trip to Festus High School with Josh from SLSC. Wayne drove his electric VW and Josh drove EVie. The event went well but on the way home I-55 was shut down due to several truck accidents. Wayne had to wait several hours and finally take a detour to get home. Josh was stranded near the Missouri Botanical Garden (with dead batteries)  and needed a tow to get back to the SLSC.

The electric vehicle conversion convention (EVCCON) will be hosted again this year by EVTV at Cape Girardeau, MO from Aug 12-17. Wayne G., Dale F., Keith M., Dennis P., Ron S. and his son are planning to attend.

Wayne gave a presentation by Dale F. and himself on “A Temperature Display System for EVs”. This system monitors the temperatures of the motor, controller, ambient, and cells. It has a custom digital readout with flashing LEDs whenever the temperature is greater than a programmed maximum temp. With the longer range of the Lithium batteries and higher speeds, it is important to closely monitor temperatures.