Minutes of 1/12/14 were read and approved.

Jeff reported that the Clean Cities Taskforce has been disbanded due to lack of interest in promoting electric vehicles with charging stations and infrastructure. There was some interest in tapping methane in coal mines for use in vehicles.

Jeff also reported that he had talked to some members of the Tesla owners club in St. Louis and learned than we are more than welcome to attend their meetings at the Schlafly Bottleworks.

Ron told the club of a new type of oscillating windmill that is cheap to build and is 80% efficient compared to the standard wind turbine of 60%.

Wayne gave a talk on the “Science and Economics of an Electric Vehicle”. There was a good discussion of the information presented and many members added information. Jim said that operating the heater in his Leaf seriously reduces his range. He also reported that Nissan said to not drive the Leaf at temperatures of -4F and below.

The club discussed the St. Louis Auto Show this year. We partnered with the St. Louis Science Center (SLSC) to bring their Smith electric truck (EVie) with exhibits. They also brought the club’s gokart that fit inside EVie.  The club did not bring any vehicles. Jeff said there was less interest in our display than in the past. There was some discussion about not attending the show next year.

Wayne mentioned that the Third Degree Glass Factory will host an auto theme event on April 18 from 6-10PM at their place on 5200 Delmar. Wayne will attend with his VW Beetle.

Tyler proposed to the Horseless Carriage Club that our club be able to attend the Easter Show at Forest Park. He asked tor 10-20 spaces on the Upper Muni Lot and he would also like to bring EVie. The date is April 20 and the time 10AM-5PM. The Hot Rod club has an event on the Lower Muni Lot and they said we could attend. Tyler would like us to use the Upper lot since it would be quieter.

Ron Erb said that Ron S. suggested our club make an informational video of some of our cars and that it could be shown in the SLSC for visitors. Many of our members liked the idea. George will talk to Josh at the SLSC about the idea.2/9